Maoming Welfare Institute
Maoming, Guangdong, PRC
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These addresses can be used to send packages to the orphanage.  Using both the English and Chinese on several sides of the package is advised.
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Maoming Welfare Institute Family Directory - Is your child from the Maoming Welfare Institute?  Join the Maoming Family Directory!  Email Alice Schwade for more information. 

Maoming Welfare Institute Discussion List - Correspond with other Maoming Families by subscribing to the email discussion list at YahooGroups.

Guangdong Province - get more in-depth information about this major province in China
Read messages left by Maoming Families by visiting My Home Town and clicking on Maoming

The Soong Sisters of China - Read about the life of Soong Ching-Ling whose image is represented outside of MWI.

Economic Indicators of Guangdong Province - Maoming is listed as one of the cities open to foreign investment.

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Half The Sky Foundation - Half The Sky representatives traveled to Maoming!  Read their newsletter (winter 2001) online that tells of their visit to Guangdong province.

Location of Maoming as shown on this map of southern China

Maoming Weather Find out about the local weather and extended forecast for Maoming, China

Informative Maoming Link learn more about our beloved city, Maoming
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Note: MaoNan in Maoming is a different orphanage.  There is a Yahoo Group for MaoNan.
Maoming Welfare Institute
32 Guan Du Nan Road
Guangdong Province
PR China 525000