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This picture is interesting because it gives some insight as to how the toddlers are fed. 

In the background is a cart with stacked bowls and a large pan that probably contains congee.

There are photos of our Mao Xiao Chai from early 2000 which show her in a stainless steel crib.  Those photos must have been from the infant room and at this point she was moved up to the toddler room with the blue beds.

The beds seemed to be lined up in rows that are two cribs deep.

Notice the beds do not have mattresses or bedding.  This seems to be typical in China.  We saw bamboo mats that people commonly sleep on.  We did notice in other photos that each child does have a blanket to sleep with.
Maoming Welfare Institute
This type of air conditioner is common in China. The shops have these big units just above the entryway although many of the shops are open with no doors.  It's nice to know that in the sweltering heat of Guangdong province, there is air conditioning for the children.
Maoming Train Station - The first class seating area was very nice with leather chairs and lovely art on the walls.  The ticket cost for a "soft cabin" was $35.00 per person and well worth the money!  It is especially nice on the way back with your daughter as the private cabin offers a nice place to "get to know" eachother.
This is the Maoming Hotel where our family stayed.  We found it to be very clean and updated.  There is a wonderful little restaurant/lounge on one of the top floors which has a great view of the city!

This was the first meal we had with our daughter so it was extra special.  Another treat was when the MWI director visited to say good-bye to Mao Xiao Chai as we were set to leave the next morning.  Our daughter recognized the director and went right to her which made us happy that the director has such close dealings with the children.
This is the stairway that led us up to the second floor and the conference room where we signed some adoption paperwork and quizzed the assistant director about Xiaochai's eating and sleeping routine.

Everything at MWI was just as this picture shows, marble, stainless steel and very clean.
This is one of the corridors that runs along the front of the building.  The green hanging plants can be seen on the far left along the balcony.  The view from the balcony would show the courtyard.
These caregivers look as if they really enjoy helping with the children.  It would be interesting to know if they work in the orphanage full-time or if they are volunteers from within the community.

In each of these pictures, the rooms look clean and tidy.
Here is the courtyard and one of the nannies.

The statue of Madame Sun Yat-Sen is just to the right of this position.
Here is the director of MWI, Zheng Zhen Juan.

She is the person listed on the adoption paperwork as the guardian of the children and the person who is placing a particular child up for adoption.

She seems to know a lot about the children and their temperaments and clearly has regular interaction with the children
Another area in the courtyard with the play equipment in the background.

The MWI also serves as a daycare center during the day for working families in Maoming.
Entrance / exit of MWI, view from within the courtyard.
This is Guangdong province!  The rolling hills and lush, green, tropical plants are breathtaking!  During the 6 hour train ride from Guangzhou to Maoming, this is what the scenery is like.
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