4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Region Picnic
June 2004
4th Annual Maoming Picnic Reunion

Thank you to all who came this year. The picnic was a huge success and the weather couldn't have been nicer. We broke our record with 109 people attending, with many families staying at the Inn nearby.

As usual we had our archive table. There we all looked through the picture albums and reunions of past years. For those who attend year after year, we get to see how much all the kids have grown.

This year we had 2 craft tables. The kids did some beading, coloring and also made sun visors for themselves. Although I think the tattoos were the biggest hit of all.

After a slow start to the cooking, everybody chowed down on burgers, dogs, homemade ziti and pasta salad and much more. Then came the games and races. I have to admit the kids do a better sac race than their moms and dads. We tend to fall all over ourselves. We excel in picture taking though. Nearly every parent there had a camera.  Seeing all these kids together and bonding was the best part of all. I think many new friendships were made.

Before the fun ended, we brought out the desserts and of course watermelon to cool down with. (although many of the kids discovered that dunking their heads in bins of ice water was quicker and more fun.)

It was great fun for all and I hope that our 5th picnic reunion next year (on June 25th, 2005), we will get to meet many more families.

Thanks for the memories.   Hope to see you next year!

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Thanks to Alice Schwade for providing this reunion recap!

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